• T/F to determine if a statement is True or False.
  • When near the end, WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • When near the end, T/F to attack when ready.

About the Game and Me:

I'm relatively new to the whole idea of game development, but wanted to push outside my comfort zone in an effort to learn. When I saw the trailer for this jam, (Community Game Jam 2019) I knew this would be a wonderful learning experience. 

I learned so much from this jam, and hope to create more games and participate in more jams in the future. :)


Download 20 MB


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Due to an issue with uploading the files, people were unable to play the game during Community Game Jam. I retracted my submission, but have learned how to publish my work and more about making content. Thank you to anyone who plays this, I know there are plenty of issues riddled throughout this project and I hope to hear about how I can improve.